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How to ...

- How to link to iHOP via a gene DB-identifier (e.g. UniProt or LocusLink).

- How to link to iHOP via an 'iHOP gene ID'.

- How to include abstracts with iHOP functionality in your web site.

- How to include an iHOP summary for each gene/protein in your web site.

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Terms of use

iHOP was developed and created by Robert Hoffmann and is a free service from the academic domain, licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Hopefully you will find that iHOP makes things possible which would not be without it. iHOP is free of charge, thus its continuity will depend on the community it was created for.

a) Please cite the use of iHOP in your work as:
- A Gene Network for Navigating the Literature. Hoffmann, R., Valencia, A. Nature Genetics 36, 664 (2004) and
- iHOP - http://www.ihop-net.org/

b) Electronic services, which are based on iHOP data, must provide credit and links to the iHOP server (http://www.ihop-net.org) visible to all users whenever iHOP data is displayed in its original or a derivate form.

c) Bulk downloads.
Please note that iHOP is a freely available tool from the academic domain. Not a company! Thus, it is necessary to limit server load and to give preference to individual users. Bulk downloads may lead to the banning of IP addresses for specific servers or institutions!
Please contact directly with Robert Hoffmann if there should be a scientific reason for bulk downloads. Thank you for your cooperation!