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AP1M1 adaptor-related protein complex 1, mu 1 subunit   Adaptor protein complex AP-1 mu-1 subunit, Adaptor-related protein complex 1 mu-1 subunit, AP-1 complex subunit mu-1, AP47, AP-mu chain family member mu1A, CLAPM2, Clathrin assembly protein complex 1 medium chain 1, Clathrin coat assembly protein AP47, Clathrin coat-associated protein AP47, CLTNM, Golgi adaptor HA1/AP1 adaptin mu-1 subunit, MU-1A, Mu1A-adaptin, Mu-adaptin 1   Homo sapiens
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UniProt Q9BXS5, B4DDG7, Q4TTY5
IntAct Q9BXS5
OMIM 603535
NCBI Gene 8907
NCBI RefSeq NP_001123996, NP_115882
NCBI RefSeq NM_032493, NM_001130524
NCBI UniGene 8907
NCBI Accession BU729646, AK297824

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